Christmas in Africa

This Christmas in Africa Nativity is set in an African village. Mary and Joseph are gathered around Jesus in the shade of a hut and a palm tree. The Angel looks on prayerfully. A shepherd and his sheep approach the Holy Family and the Magi bring their gifts. In addition, the animal kingdom is also present. They comprise the African big five, lion, leopard, Rhinoceros, elephant and buffalo as well as a crocodile, giraffe, hippo, and zebra.

This nativity is made out of Muwanga wood and is finished with wood wax. The hut stands at a height of 9 inches and it can be dismantled. The tree is 10 inches, the giraffe is 7 inches and Joseph is 5.5 inches. The other figures are less than 4 inches tall.

Name: Christmas in Africa
Artist: Van Nyasulu
Country: Malawi
Material: Wood
Height: 4-10"
Number of Pieces: 22
Jesus, Mary, Joseph
Acquired: 2016-2017

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