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Nativité en Faïence

This delightful little nativity set from Provence was created at the studios of Lallier-á-Moustiers. In the typical tradition of Santons the artist added towns people to the scene. These are more important than the traditional shepherds and Magi as it allows for the Holy Family to be set in a typical Provençal context. When you look closely at the faces it is as the angel and the towns people are singing. Maybe they are singing Christmas carols?

The history of faïence in Moustiers dates back to the 17th C. It is in this tradition that the Lallier family has worked as earthenware potters or faienciers  since 1946. They started in Paris, moved to Orleans and now have settled in Moustiers.

Créche Briarde

This sweet nativity was handmade in the pottery studios of the Abbey of Jouarre in France.  Each one of the figures is made out of clay and partially glazed .

This nativity comprises stylized figurines of the baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. The  three Magi accompanied by a camel come bearing gifts. A shepherdess carrying a lamb, is accompanied by her daughter who brought along two sheep.

Painted Pebble Nativity

This unique nativity was created by Martine Gaussen who lives in Tourrette-sur-Loup, in the south of France.

Ms. Gaussen collects pebbles from the river Loup and paints on them. Influenced by the style of Russian icons her nativities comprise the Holy Family, shepherds, Magi but also local townspeople in the tradition of the French Santons.

This nativity includes Jesus, Mary, Joseph, a music making angel, and ox and donkey, several Magi, both make and female, a shepherd and shepherdess, a baker and and elderly couple.