Jaracanda Wood Nativity

This set of six figures, including Mary, Joseph, the Christ Child and three Magi were carved in Jaracanda wood by Artisans working with Mujibha Exports of Zimbabwe. Jaracanda wood is a fast-growing sustainable type of wood can is easy to carve.

Mujibha Exports was created by Robert Barclay Steward and his mother Anthea Doreen Steward in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. The Stewards founded this company to provide a living to local artists and to introduce the world to the artistic heritage of Zimbabwe

Name: Jaracanda Wood Nativity
Artist: Mujibha Exports artisans
Country: Zimbabwe
Material: Wood
Height: 12"
Number of Pieces: 6
Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the three Magi
Acquired: 2016

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