Young Holy Family

This Peruvian nativity presents the Holy Family is very young people. In most nativities this is the case with Mary, however, traditionally Joseph is depicted as an older man who is somewhat removed from Mary and the Christ Child. In this Nativity Mary, Joseph and Jesus as shown lying down in an intimate embrace. The animals are lying down next to the Holy Family.

Floral Nativity

This colorful nativity is carved from cedar wood and then painted with unique floral motives.  Of note is that the Christ child, rather than lying in a manger is placed on a pineapple. The symbolic meaning of a pineapple is welcome, generosity and hospitality. How striking that the child who was not welcomed at the Inn and therefore was born in a stable is placed on a pineapple, the symbol of welcome.

Reproduction Nacimiento

This nativity is somewhat controversial. Its proto-type in Spanish colonial style was created by renowned santero and mass-produced from a mold with resin, a fragile plastic-like material.


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