Pueblo Life Nativity

This Pueblo inspired nativity set was created by Ann Graffy. The figures reflect some of the characteristics of Pueblo life. Beautifully plain in their wrap-around clothes they become a perfect showcase for the simple but highly effective ceramic ornamentation. This nativity comprises nine figurines and a rug. The dimensions of the figurines are as follows: standing human figures are approximately 4 1/2″ x 2″ x 1 3/4′; baby & cradle, 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ x 1; sheep 2 1/4″ x 3 1/8″ x 1 ¼. The rug with fringe is6 3/4″ x 8″.

Ann Graffy was born to an Illinois farming family on March 21, 1953. She became interested in art during her early childhood and later began formal studies at the University of Arkansas where she received her bachelors’ degree. During Ann’s college years she joined the Catholic religious order of the Sisters of Mercy. During her 10 years in the order, Ann taught various art classes and developed art programs for many parochial schools. She designed cards and calendars and created several public works of art. After Ann left the Sisters of Mercy she continued her work as an artist. She is quite prolific and her work is always of high quality and accessible to the public.

Name: Pueblo Life Nativity
Artist: Ann Graffy
Country: USA
Material: Ceramic, Clay, Paint
Height: 4.5"
Width: 2"
Depth: 2"
Number of Pieces: 9
Jesus, Mary, Joseph, three magi, a shepherd with his sheep, and a rug
Acquired: 2011

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