Navajo Flight into Egypt

This elegant Flight into Egypt was created by Jack Black.

Jack Black, a member of the Navajo Nation was born in Galveston Texas. He was introduced to Navajo art as he grew up and received his formal education at the Institute of Design in Chicago.

Jack Black’s work is a tribute to the Southwest. His style is modernist Navajo with graceful lines and minimalist design. His sculptures though only partially glazed are smooth to the touch and pleasing to the eye. The colors he used are reminiscent of the beauty of the Southwest with its blue sky, ochre canyons and sand-colored panoramas.

After sketching each piece Jack Black created the original sculpture. From that a production mold was made. Then stoneware figures were cast from the molds. After the figures were cleaned and detailed by hand, they were fired at 1900 degrees. They were then sanded, cleaned again, and fired with multiple coats of glaze. Though created in a mold, each one of Jack Black’s sculptures is unique.

Mr. Black died in 2002. At that time all the molds were destroyed. This insured the value and rarity of the existing pieces.

Name: Navajo Flight into Egypt
Artist: Jack Black
Country: USA
Material: Clay
Number of Pieces: 2
Mary, holding Jesus, seated on a donkey and Joseph
Acquired: 2020

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