Arius Flight into Egypt

Arius Flight into Egypt

Under a starry night, through a desert, with an oasis full of Mediterranean vegetation in the distance, the Holy Family is fleeing the threat of Herod and traveling to Egypt.

From the Arius Tile website: “Since 1972, Arius Tile has been creating a renaissance in the American Art Tile. Drawing from our own creative resources and on the objects and images from current and historic World Cultures, Arius has been telling stories in Design on Tile from our Santa Fe Studio and Galleries to around the world. Other than the machine produced bisque tile base, all our work is done entirely by hand – from the original drawing, to the transfer of patterns, to the painting, glazing and kiln firing – all by us in our Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.”

Name: Flight into Egypt
Artist: Arius Art Tile
Country: Santa Fe, NM, USA
Material: Ceramic
Height: 8"
Width: 10"
Number of Pieces: 1
Jesus, Mary, Joseph
Acquired: 2007

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