Wycinanki Holy Family

“Wycinanki” pronounced Vee-chee-non-kee is the Polish word for ‘paper-cut design’. It is not known when or why this art form began to flower in Poland. Some suggest it goes back to the time when few farm houses had glass windows. To keep out the elements, farmers hung sheep skins over the window openings. Then, to let in some light and air, they took their sheep shears and snipped small openings in the skins, and these were soon recognized as decorative as well as functional.

Under the Star of Bethlehem and surrounding stars this simple paper cut depicts Mary and Joseph devoutly kneel on either side of the Baby Jesus. Jesus is lying on a bed of grass and cloth.

Name: Wycinanki Holy Family
Artist: Unknown
Country: Poland
Material: Paper
Number of Pieces: 1
Jesus, Mary, Joseph
Acquired: 2000

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