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Painted Metal Nativity

Artists in Haiti use 55 gallon metal drums to create fun and colorful works of art. This nativity was cut out of flattened metal and formed into the desired shapes. Then each one of the figures was painted in very colorful tones.

The nonprofit Comité Artisanal Haitien (CAH) was founded in 1973 to help rural craftspeople sell their wares in Port–au–Prince.
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Young Holy Family

This Peruvian nativity presents the Holy Family is very young people. In most nativities this is the case with Mary, however, traditionally Joseph is depicted as an older man who is somewhat removed from Mary and the Christ Child. In this Nativity Mary, Joseph and Jesus as shown lying down in an intimate embrace. The animals are lying down next to the Holy Family.

Alessi Nativity

This colorful and playful nativity scene was designed by Massimo Giacon. It was made in Italian porcelain and hand painted.

Of great interest is the depiction of the magi. They playfully illustrate the belief promoted by  the Venerable Bede (d. 735) that the Magi or wise men represented the three parts of the world known to him: Asia, Africa, and Europe.