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Bronze Holy Family Relief

This bronze relief depicts a recumbent Mary holding the baby Jesus. Jesus is wrapped in swaddling cloths. Joseph, holding a staff in one hand and gesticulating with the other stands protectively next to Mary. The Star of Bethlehem brightenes up the scene. The ox and donkey look on from a distance.

Russian Holy Family

This nativity set was hand carved from European linden wood and hand painted in богородское or Bogorodskoye, a community known for its wood carving situated some 42 miles from Moscow, Russia.

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Painted Pebble Nativity

This unique nativity was painted on pebbles the artist found in the local river called Loup. Influenced by the style of Russian icons the figures include the Holy Family, shepherds, magi but also local townspeople in the tradition of the French Santons.

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Alessi Christmas Baubles

These Christmas Baubles were designed by Marcello Jori. He combines two great traditions, the nativity scene and the decoration of the Christmas tree. They are hand painted on an internally mirrored glass base to give the decoration an effect of luminosity and depth.




Bulgarian Nativity Icon

This three-dimensional icon creates the impression of a cave in which the Holy Family is huddled together. In the center the baby Jesus is lying on some straw. The star of Bethlehem shine brightly above Jesus. Mary kneels down in adoration. Joseph holds his left hand to his head in seeming disbelief. The traditional ox and donkey are present.

Beyond the cave a shepherd who is tending his sheep gazes in amazement at the singing choir of angels. The three magi arrive in the distance.

Alessi Nativity

This colorful and playful nativity scene was designed by Massimo Giacon. It was made in Italian porcelain and hand painted.

Of great interest is the depiction of the magi. They playfully illustrate the belief promoted by  the Venerable Bede (d. 735) that the Magi or wise men represented the three parts of the world known to him: Asia, Africa, and Europe.