“Rejoice” Nativity

The Baby Jesus is welcomed by Mary and Joseph, as well as by the archangel Gabriel and the Three Wise Men. Guarded by a donkey and a cow, this nativity scene is quite charming. Jose Canil Ramos carved each figurine by hand from pinewood he weathers and dries during the summer months. The characters’ florid orange robes and purple cloaks are painted by hand, including their smiling faces. Featuring nine pieces, this nativity scene preserves a tradition that was brought to Guatemala in 1649. The tallest piece is 15″ H x 6″ W x 4.7″ D. The smallest piece is 4.5″ H x 1.2″ W x 1″ D.

Jose Canil Ramos was born on May 25, 1981 in Chichicastenango. He learned his craft from his father who used to carve masks and saints to sell at the Chichi market.  Jose now shares a workshop with his mother.

Name: "Rejoice" Nativity
Artist: Jose Canil Ramos
Country: Guatemala
Material: Wood
Number of Pieces: 9
Jesus, Mary, Joseph, 3 magi, donkey and ox
Acquired: 2000

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