Contemporary Andean Nativity

Contemporary Andean Nativity

This beautiful Holy Family is a stylized version of a traditional Andean Holy Family. Using contemporary lines and traditional color patterns the artists arrives at a wonderful balance between old and new.

From Novica Website:

“My inspiration comes from the rescuing of pre-Hispanic esthetic values to seek a lost identity. I strive to communicate my Andean and my universal identity, along with our cultural values. I also share my esthetic pleasure and enjoyment of the forms. All my designs are the result of research, in which – from a personal point of view – I synthesize ancestral and contemporary esthetic values. I hope you like my work and appreciate its cultural value as well as the quality and care I put into it.”

Gustavo Salas participated in the 7th Biennal Conference Newcastle (United Kingdom) where he won the prize for the best Christmas product.”

Name: Contemporary Andean Nativity
Artist: Gustavo Salas Palomino
Country: Peru
Material: Ceramic, Paint
Number of Pieces: 3
Jesus, Mary, Joseph
Acquired: 2009

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