Aqua Nativity

Aqua Glass Nativity

This delicate nativity is made out of recycled glass by José Pinpinco. Mary and Joseph pray before the Christ child, who sleeps on a bed of straw colored gold by the bright light the Christ Child brings to the world. Further surrounding Jesus are an angel with fluttering wings. The magi complete the set.

From Novica Website: “Pinpinco creates statuettes and figurines from recycled glass, transparent or tinted. He uses manual tools, such as pliers for stretching the molten glass. His work is gradually acquiring renown as he exhibits his pieces in local art fairs.
“I find motivation in people’s appreciation of my work,” confides Pinpinco. “I work hard at this craft so I can help my family but also, so I can accomplish my personal goal – to finish my studies in mechanics. I hope people around the world appreciate the sentiments I try to project through my figurines, as well as the effort and hard work that goes into working the glass with my hands.”

Name: Aqua Glass Nativity
Artist: José Pinpinco
Country: Peru
Material: Glass
Height: The largest piece is 3.9"
Width: The largest piece is 0.8"
Depth: The largest piece is 0.4"
Number of Pieces: 8
Jesus, Mary, Joseph, angel, magi, mager
Acquired: 2009

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