Gourd Retablo

Gourd Retablo

This retablo depicting the Nativity was created in a hallowed out gourd. Surrounding the Holy Family are the three Magi, an ox and donkey.

The gourds used for this kind of nativities are sun-dried for about six months. Having been harvested in October they are ready to be worked on the following June. The coloring on the gourd is obtained through a process of manual scorching. When the desired patina has been attained the gourd is intricately carved using typical woodworking tools. Though the designs on this gourd are abstract, sometimes they are figurative.

The two halves of the gourd are held together with leather hinges.

The figurines in this retablo were made out of clay and after drying were hand-painted.

Name: Gourd Retablo
Artist: Unknown
Country: Peru
Material: Other
Height: 5"
Width: 4.5"
Number of Pieces: 1
The gourd retablo houses Jesus, Mary, Joseph, three Magi, an ox and a donkey.
Acquired: 2000

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