Steel Drum Nativity

Painted Steel Drum Nativity

This nativity is created using metal from recycled steal oil drums. After visualizing a design, the artist chalks his design onto the flattened metal and then, using only a hammer and chisel, gives it form and dimension. Then the nativity is painted and given an enamel coating.

This nativity depicts the moment the magi present their gifts to the Christ Child. Mary is kneeling down in adoration. Joseph stands behind Mary flanked by the ox and donkey.

Painted Steel Drum Nativity
Painted Steel Drum Nativity
Name: Painted Steel Drum Nativity
Artist: Unknown
Country: Haiti
Material: Metal
Height: 14"
Width: 12"
Number of Pieces: 1
Jesus, Mary, Joseph, magi, ox, donkey
Acquired: 2015

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