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Polish Holy Family

This beautiful nativity was created by Jerzy Chodorowski.

Mr. Chodorowski is a Polish sculptor who had been active in Krakow since 1975. His style is very much influenced by the work of Southern polish sculptors, especially from the Podhale region. He mostly sculpts religious figures. His work is in private collections all over the world. (http://www.rzezba-w-drewnie-chodorowski.pl/gb/index.htm)

Set in a simple stable, a stout mother Mary is holding a pious baby Jesus. Joseph stand protectively behind them. His facial expression seems to hint at the fact that he does not know what to think. The star rests on top of the stable. The tree of life or the Jesse tree grows right outside. The donkey is the only animal in the stable.

In addition there are two music making angels. One is playing an accordion, the other a violin. The three Magi devoutly approach the Holy Family and offer their gifts. A shepherd and his sheep answer the call of the angels and arrive to worship the baby Jesus.